INK 180

Raw. Exposed. Redeemed.

INK 180 is a gripping and challenging documentary on the life and work of Chris Baker; and the individuals that have been helped by his tattoo ministry. It is a biography of one man’s inspirational journey down the path of helping sex trafficking victims and former gang members navigate their own 180 life change. This documentary is an insider’s look at the personal stories of real people making real changes. The ministry of INK 180 offers hope for people that otherwise might not stand a  chance.

Our desire is to expose the plight of human trafficking and gang membership.

Truth leads to freedom; and sacrifice never comes without a cost.


INK 180 Television Airings:

TLN138 Chicago on XFINITY by Comcast
Tuesday, September 9th at 9pmCT, Thursday, September 11th at 9pmCT, Saturday, September 13th at 5pmCT, Sunday, September 14th at 5pmCT, Monday, September 15th at 3amCT

KTLN TV25 San Francisco
Tuesday, September 9th at 9pmPT, Thursday, September 11th at 9pmPT, Saturday, September 13th at 5pmPT, Sunday, September 14th at 5pmPT, Monday, September 15th at 3amPT

Live Stream on www.tln.com.
Tuesday, September 9th at 9pm, Sunday, September 14th at 5pm





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